Yeom E.   Lee S.  

Visualization of blood flows in a rat extracorporeal model for measuring hemorheological and hemodynamic properties simultaneously

Reporter: Yeom E.

It is well known that cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are closely related with the variations of hemorheological and hemodynamic properties. Accurate measurement of these properties is essential for early diagnosis of CVDs. However, in vitro measurements have technical limitation for the accurate measurement because in vitro exposure can change hemorheological properties. To resolve this problem, a rat extracorporeal model which connects the artery and vein in a rat was employed in this study. Blood flows in the rat extracorporeal model were visualized by an ultrasound imaging system and microfluidic devices for monitoring hemorheological and hemodynamic properties. As a result, the system can be effectively used to measure blood viscosity, red blood cell aggregation and flow rate under ex vivo conditions. The present results would be helpful to develop a diagnostic modality for monitoring the variations in hemorheological and hemodynamic parameters.

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