Xin Z.  

Flow Control over a supercritical wing using plasma actuator at high Reynolds number

Plasma technology based on DBD has been widely demonstrated to be a novel AFC method for boundary layer control, separation control for wing, separation control for low-pressure turbine blades, and control of the compressor cascade. Compared with the traditional active flow control, the plasma flow control has simple structure without moving parts and is convenient for real time control due to its fast response.
From the existing literatures, Reynolds number of stall separation control on three dimensional aerial vehicle using DBD plasma actuator so far were no more than 500,000, but the flow speed of real flight is generally above 1000,000. Therefore, in order to make the plasma flow control technology more practical, the plasma authority must be improved at higher Reynolds number.
This work explored the aerodynamic control using DBD plasma on a supercritical wing at Reynolds number 2000,000. The effect of the plasma actuator was studied as a function of several parameters, including the locations of the plasma actuators and the applied voltage amplitude. According to the analysis based on the experimental results, the motivation of this paper is to explore the flow control mechanism of the plasma actuator.

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