Borodulin V.I.   Kachanov Y.  

Quantitative visualization of instantaneous structure of post-transitional wall turbulence

Reporter: Borodulin V.I.

As known from previous studies, the deterministic turbulence (DeTu) is a post-transitional flow that is turbulent according to the generally accepted statistical characteristics but possesses, meanwhile, a significant degree of determinism, i.e. reproducibility of its instantaneous structure. It is found that the DeTu can occur in those cases when transition is caused by convective instabilities; in boundary layers, in particular. From the methodological viewpoint the DeTu approach is an extremely powerful method allowing performing detailed quantitative visualization of instantaneous structure of turbulent flows using various methods of the flow diagnostics, including synchronous hot-wire anemometry. The present paper demonstrates visually this important aspect of the DeTu approach.

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