Fa-wei K.   Jie H.   Ai-min X.   Qiang S.   Lei Z.   Sen L.  

Photography and Location Technology of Binocular Front Light Based on Attitude Measurement of Flying Model with Hypervelocity in the Free Flight Ballistic Range

Reporter: Fa-wei K.

In order to obtain the attitude of a flying model at hypervelocity in the ballistic range, China Aerodynamics Research and Development Center (CARDC) has developed the photography and location technology by combining the binocular visualization location technology and the front light photography technology. Based on this technology thirty test stations have been equipped on the 200m free flight ballistic range of CARDC. When the flying model with coded marks on its surface enters the field of view, it would be illuminated by the extended laser light beam with the pulse width of less than 10ns, meanwhile, the two front light front images are obtained by two cameras of which the positions in space have been calibrated in advance. The space coordinates of the coded marks on the model surface are obtained by identifying, extracting and processing these marks. As the coordinates of the marks are related to the model attitude, the attitude change of the flying model can be obtained by an inverse calculation of correlating the model attitude angles to the same coordinate. For the measurement system, the measurement precision of the coded mark space position is better than 2mm when the model flies about 150m in the ballistic range, and the field of view and the depth of field are larger than 1m for each binocular front light test station.

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