QIANG S.   JIE H.   AI-MIN X.   FA-wei K.   SEN L.  

Multi sequence laser shadow imaging technique based on spectral pyramid

Reporter: QIANG S.

In order to investigate the characters of debris clouds produced by hypervelocity impact and developing progress of hypersonic fluid field etc, China Aerodynamics Research and Development Center developed the hypervelocity sequence laser imaging shadow. For the imaging shadow, the exposure time and sequence of time interval were Nanoseconds level. The image resolution can realize ten million pixel. Eight images can be obtained in one test with frame frequency of hundred million. According to the object-image relationship and resolution of image surface, and analysis of the influences of mode of integration and output of pulse laser light source on the imaging of pyramid spectral, a new technique of hypervelocity sequence laser imager shadow was proposed. The results showed that the light path of this image technique was simple with capable of expanding function.

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