Сергачев Д.В.  

Application of laser-optical diagnostics to research additive technology of surface modification by high-concentrated energy sources

Developing additive laser and plasma technologies of reconditioning of wearing surfaces of machines and mechanisms lead to the need to create new or adopt old methods of control and diagnostics of critical parameters influencing the product quality. In a plasma spraying and laser coaxial cladding , the temperature and speed of flying driven particles before they get the substrate are these parameters. In this work, the problem of diagnostics is solved via combining already available methods of solid-phase parameters registration by a spectrometer and laser-optical system. The measuring circuit of the device combines two independent methods of particles speed meas-urement: the passive one which is based on the intrinsic emission of the heated particle in the gas flow, and the active one which utilizes the laser beam scattering effect. Results of measuring of particle velocity and particle temperature during plasma sprayng and coaxial laser cladding have been presented.

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