Mullyadzhanov R.   Abdurakipov S.   Hanjalić K.  

Large-eddy simulations of the round jet with a fully developed turbulent inflow conditions at Re=5300: coherent structures evolution

Reporter: Mullyadzhanov R.

We perform Large-Eddy simulations (LES) to study a jet flow issuing from a half-infinite rotating pipe. The aim of the study is to investigate the role of coherent structures populating the near-nozzle area when the inflow conditions are well-defined and correspond to a canonical (rotating) pipe flow. Two preliminary observations for the non-swirling jet are of interest: the fully developed turbulent inflow at relatively low Reynolds numbers do not provide pronounced Kelvin-Helmoltz rings and near-wall streaky structures die out at the first 1-2D downstream from the nozzle while significantly contributing to the mixing process. The full paper will present the statistical analysis of the (non-)swirling jets with different rotation numbers together with the application of the “slice” proper orthogonal decomposition of the velocity field at different stations downstream to track the evolution of the most energetic coherent structures.

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