Dovgal A.V.   Katasonov M.M.   Mikhaelis M.V.   Pavlenko A.M.   Sorokin A.M.   Zanin B.Y.  

Visualization of flow separation by oil film

Reporter: Zanin B.Y.

Experimental data which we report on this topic were obtained in a low turbulence sub-sonic wind tunnel of ITAM SB RAS. Flow separation in different configurations including un-swept and swept wings in a wide range of incidence and a body of revolution was investigated. Visualization of the time-mean flow patterns was performed using a mixture of titanium dioxide powder with kerosene covering the surface of test models. With this technique, 3D effects at massive separation were clarified varying the experimental conditions, i.e., angle of attack, sweep angle of the models, and Reynolds number. Also, the response of separation to controlled flow perturbations was examined. Small-scale isolated obstacles mounted on the wall, local air blowing, and vortical perturbations of the oncoming flow are found to be effective means of separation control producing large-scale modifications of the flow pattern.

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