Kornilov V.I.   Kavun I.N.  

Aerodynamic characteristics of cylindrical bodies in supersonic flow: numerical/experimental studies and flow visualization

Reporter: Kornilov V.I.

On the modern spacecrafts are often used for special purposes capsules with radionuclide or reactor source on board [1]. In the event of an emergency a capsule should autonomously return to Earth on a ballistic trajectory. During the descent in lower atmosphere a deliberate orientation of a capsule at the optimum angle of attack for the given aspect ratio is acceptable, which is achieved by appropriate alignment of capsules or special stabilizing devices. Due to a number of specific features and design requirements, such a capsule should be possible of a simple geometric shape, usually a relatively small aspect ratio. In this regard, of particular interest is the configuration of a smooth flat-face circular cylinder. The studies performed in our work partly dedicate to the solving of this task. They are differ from other well-known in this field of researches more detailed consideration of the characteristics of cylindrical bodies and their generalization in a wide range of the aspect ratios, the maximum possible range of angles of attack and detailed experimental and computational visualization of the flow.

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