Ryashin N.S.   Batraev I.S.   Kovalenko A.I.   Kosarev V.F.  

Surface Modification by Detonation Spraying

Reporter: Ryashin N.S.

In the present study surface topology of DS coatings depended on powder properties and spray parameters was investigated. DS alumina and NiCr coatings with thickness of 200 mcm were deposited in different spray modes (“cold”, “normal”, and “hot”) with computer controlled detonation system CCDS2000. Corresponding particle temperature and velocity were calculated. The same scanning strategy was applied in experiments. Given surfaces were studied with scanning electron microscope and VSI profiling system. Splat micrographs and 2D profiles of coatings were obtained. Roughness parameters Ra, Rq, Rt and surface index SI (a ratio of the surface area to the lateral area) were analyzed on evaluation length of 40 mm. Obtained results show that powder material and spraying parameters strongly influence on coating topology.

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