Yi S.   Wang X.   Gang D.   He L.   Fu J.  

experimental study of jet flow injected into a supersonic stream

Reporter: Fu J.

    Film cooling is an effective method of protecting a surface exposed to a high temperature gas stream. The introduction of a second flow makes it more complicated to study. The pur-pose of this study is to investigate the flow with a high accuracy measurement, and then try to make a deeper understand of the physics of the flow.
    The flow field of a 2-D jet flow injected into a supersonic flow with 30 degrees is studied experimentally. The main flow Mach number is 3.8, and the total pressure is 1 atm while the total temperature is 300 K. The injection Mach number changes from 0 to 1, and the total temperature is also 300 K. The flow is visualized by the nano-based planar laser scattering (NPLS) method, which presents a high accuracy measurement of the interaction between the two streams. The total pressure of the injection flow is measured to quantify the mass flux. The wall pressure at the exit of the slot and the surface of the boundary are also measured. Schlieren images are also taken for comparison with the NPLS images.

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