DOH D.  

Masked Omnidirectional Integration Algorithm for Pressure Calculation

A masked omni-directional integration (MODI) algorithm is introduced for pressure calculations. The results by MODI were compared with those by Omni-directional integration (ODI) method and Poisson equation pressure distribution. To validate the MODI algorithm, the artificially generated synthetic images for the solid-body rotation(SBR) were used, through which optimal mask sizes (MS) were determined. It was shown that the error between the pressure obtained by the theoretical values and the pressure obtained by MODI was smallest when the mask size was 1. Further, it was verified that the location of the vortex in the image to be analyzed was most influential to the magnitude of errors. The pressure distributions on the wake of a squared bluff body were calculated by PIV experimental and CFD. It was verified that the optimal size of MS of this case was also 1 for mean pressure distributions. The pressure distributions of a back-step flow obtained by MODI, ODI and Poisson equation were compared. It was confirmed that the pressure profile measured by the pressure sensor was similar to those calculated by MODI results.

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