III International conference
Rethymno, Crete, Greece, October 16 - 20, 2011

Scientific program

The Conference is assumed to comprise plenary lectures (40 minutes), oral presentations (15 minutes) and posters on the following topics:

    • Astrobiology
    • Prebiotic Evolution
    • The Emergence of Cells
    • Living Conditions in the Early Earth. Early Biosphere
    • Early Eukaryotes
    • Evolution of the Geo-Biological Systems in Phanerozoic


The official language of the Conference is English.



PL-1. Marov M.Y.
Earth and Planets Origin: How Do We View and Model It?
Vernadsky Institute, RAS (Moscow), Russia
PL-2. Chetverin A.B.
Molecular colonies as a pre-cellular form of compartmentalization
Institute of Protein Research RAS (Pushchino, Moscow region), Russia
PL-3. Russell M.
Emergent life drinks orderliness from the environment
Jet Propulsion Laboratory (Pasadena), USA
PL-4. Yushkin N.P.
Protobiological structures, prebiological and biomineral coevolution
Institute of Geology KSC UB RAS (Syktyvkar), Russia
PL-5. Zhuravlev Yu.N.
On the complexity of primordial biological objects
Institute of Biology and Soil Science, Far East Branch RAS (Vladivostok), Russia
PL-6. Hoover R.
The title will be given later
NASA Marshall Space Flight Ctr. (Huntsville), USA
PL-7. Galimov E.M.
Analysis of isotope system data (Hf-W, Rb-Sr, J, Pu-Xe, U-Pb) as applied to the problem of planet formation.
Case study: Earth-Moon system

V.I. Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry RAS (Moscow), Russia
PL-8. Spirin A.S., Chetverin A.B.
Conveying RNA-based molecular machines as a prerequisite to the origin and evolution of the ancient RNA word
Institute of Protein Research RAS (Pushchino, Moscow region), Russia
PL-9. Rozanov A.Yu.
Eukaryotes and the history of their appearance in the atmosphere
Paleontological Institute RAS (Moscow), Russia
PL-10. Kontorovich A.E.
Evolution of lipid biochemistry of living matter in Proterozoic and Phanerozoic
Institute of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics SB RAS (Novosibirsk), Russia
PL-11. Kolchanov N.A., Afonnikov D.A., Gunbin K.V., Suslov V.V.
Gene networks and the evolution of biological systems
Institute of Cytology and Genetics of SB RAS (Novosibirsk), Russia
PL-12. Fedonkin M.A.
The metal clues of life
Geological Institute RAS (Moscow), Russia, Paleontological Institute RAS (Moscow), Russia



Compact Disk with the Abstracts will be available at the Conference.


Duration of the plenary lectures is 40 minutes, oral presentations – 20 minutes including time for questions. Scientific Conference Committee kindly asks to confirm participation before September 15, 2011 to avoid drastic changes in the scientific program.

A beamer for projection of computer or video signal on the screen will be provided. It is recommended that you prepare computer presentations in *.ppt format (Microsoft Power Point).

Posters should be not more than 100 cm wide and 100 cm high.

Program statistics
About 150 people applied for participation. At the moment 12 plenary lectures, 50 oral presentations and 65 posters are included in the program.