Scientific trends


Scientific program will comprise plenary invited lectures (1 hour), key-note presentations (30 minutes), oral presentations (20 minutes) and posters.

General scientific topical issues and key areas of the conference program are the following:

Catalysis in dendrochemistry for valuables production
Catalytic systems for hemicellulose depolymerization
Catalytic processing of tall oil and tar, Selective conversion of sugars
Catalytic transformations of CO2 to fine chemicals
Biomass derivatives in petrochemistry
Catalyst application for clean syn-gas and clean hydrogen production
Lipids in petrochemical synthesis
Catalytic processes for biofuels production
Catalytic interesterification and hydrocracking of lipids to kerosene and diesel fractions
Catalytic approaches for the processing of pyrolysis biomass products
Bio-Photo-/Electro-catalytic conversion of renewables
Bio-catalysis for chemicals production
Photo-catalytic for environmental protection
Electro-catalytic conversion of renewables


All accepted abstracts will be published in the CD-Book of the abstracts with an assigned ISBN and distributed to the participants at the registration.