Organizing committee

Organizing committee

Anatoly Kosykh, OmSTU  Rector, Conference Chair

Viktor Shalay, OmSTU President , co-chair

Victor Belov, Minister of industry, transport and innovation technologies, транспорта и инновационных технологий of the Omsk region

Vladimir Titenko,  Deputy Minister of Education of the Omsk region , co-chair

Bekin Zhenatov,Vice-Rector on science, OmSTU

Vladimir Liholobov, Chairman of the Presidium of the Omsk Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of  Sciences , director of the Institute of Hydrocarbons Processing SB RAS

Vasily Fefelov, Associate professor of  the “Chemical technology and biotechnology” department, OmSTU

Valery levchenko, Professor,  OmSTU , scientific secretary

Pavel Balakin, Head of the “Machine science” Department, OmSTU

Yury Bur’yan,  Head of the “Basis of mechanics theory and automated control” department, OmSTU

Victor Potapov, Head of the “Informatics and computer engineering” Department, OmSTU

Alexander Kolokolov, Head of the laboratory of  discreet optimization of the Omsk branch of Institute of Mathematics of S.L. Sobolev of the Siberian branch of RAS

Olga Babenko, Head of the Information and patent department, OmSTU