Organizing committee


Kosykh Anatoly Vladimirovich - Rector of OmSTU, chairman

Shalay Victor Vladimirovich - President of OmSTU, co-chairman

Lukyanov Igor Vyacheslavovich - Deputy Minister of Industry, Transport and Innovative Technologies of the Omsk Region

Korchagina Elena Anatolyevna - Deputy Minister of Education of the Omsk Region

Zhenatov Bekin Desimbaevich - Vice-Rector for Research, Omsk State Technical University

Lihholobov Vladimir Aleksandrovich - Scientific Supervisor,  Institute of Hydrocarbon Processing Problems of the SB RAS

Levchenko Valery Ivanovich  - Professor, OmSTU, Scientific Secretary

Balakin Pavel Dmitrievich  - Head of the "Mechanical Engineering" Department, Omsk State Technical University

Burian Yury Andreevich  - Head of the "Fundamentals of mechanics and automatic control theory " department, Omsk State Technical University

Kozlov Alexander Gennadievich - Dean of the Radio Engineering Faculty of Omsk State Technical University

Remeslennikov Vladimir Nikanorovich – Head of the. Laboratory of Combinatorial and Computational Methods of Algebra and Logic, IM SB RAS

Babenko Olga Ivanovna – Head of the Information and Patent Department of Omsk State Technical University

Shchelkanov Andrey Vladimirovich - Associate Professor of Radio Engineering Devices and Diagnostic System Department, Omsk State Technical University