International Conference «Mathematical and Informational Technologies, MIT-2011»
(IX Conference «Computational and Informational Technologies for Science,
Engineering and Education»)

Vrnjacka Banja, Serbia, August, 27–31, 2011

Budva, Montenegro, August, 31 – September, 5, 2011

Nikolić I.   Bozilovic S.   Koprivica S.   Todorovic M.   Giorgio A.  

One LP mathematical model of unknown mixtures with limited properties and fixed mixtures at products making with available resources – the example of heat-resisting materials

Reporter: Nikolić I.

This study presents mathematical problem modeling of mixing available resources and making proper products having all required demands and characteristics in accordance with the limitations regarding raw materials, technical capacities and market of product sales. Optimization of the carried out total profit is performed and two types of products have been considered and analyze: (a) with unknown mixtures of raw materials and imposed limits for needed product characterstics and (b) imposed mixtures of raw materials defining needed product characteristics. Making selected types of heat-resisting concre te meant for panelling in thermal plants is presented.

Keywords: optimization, mixture problem, combined mixture-production problem, heat-resisting materials, shuttering, thermal plants

Full text file: 4132_Mit11.pdf

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