Международная конференция «Математические и информационные технологии, MIT-2011»
(IX конференция «Вычислительные и информационные технологии в науке,
технике и образовании») № гос. регистрации 0321102644, ISBN 978-5-905569-02-9

Врнячка Баня, Сербия, 27–31 августа 2011 г.

Будва, Черногория, 31 августа – 5 сентября 2011 г.

Grujić A.  

Modelovanje atmosferskog pražnjenja u nadzemne vodove

The most encouraginig environment for the learning process is one that actively involves students. This process is, in this paper, presented by working out of aproject task lightning conductors of overhead lines and active student participationin the implementation. The mentioned software tool allows the calculation ofoverhead protection zones depending on the choice of calculation method of lightningprotection and amplitude of lightning. Programming code in Visual Basic that isassociated with the projected object in AutoCAD, which is protected, greatly facilitates the process of designing a safety zone and mak ing it easier to master specific teaching units.

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