International Conference «Mathematical and Informational Technologies, MIT-2013»
(X Conference «Computational and Informational Technologies for Science,
Engineering and Education»)

Vrnjacka Banja, Serbia, September, 5–8, 2013

Budva, Montenegro, September, 9-14, 2013

Trofimov I.L.  

Using metadata to query the database on thermal economy of Russia through the Internet

The paper discusses the Project implemented by Energy System Institute SB RAS and aimed to solving problems related to the development of Russia’s heat economy. The problem-oriented DB, which is the main part of the Project, has been developed.
The heating sector in Russia has a high social and economic significance. Provision of electricity and thermal energy depends on the efficiency of heat power plants (HPP).
The basic tools for research, processing and analysis of information on the work of HPP are the methods of systems analysis and computer simulation. To support computer simulation developed and used a variety of software systems, computing and data-processing systems.
In this paper, the data-processing system (DPS) means a software tool that provides collection, transfer, processing, storage and output of digital data that reflect the technical and economic, social and climatic characteristics of different objects.
The lower level objects of the DPS are statistical data of heat and power plants. The top level objects - the administrative territorial division of Russia: economic regions, districts, regions, territories and republics.
The aim of this work is to develop the DPS to monitor the status of HPP and forecasting of thermal economy of Russia and its regions.
The main provisions in this paper are:
1. Identification objects among semi-structured data
2. Using metadata to query by the Internet
3. Methodical approach to the development of the DPS
4. Practical application of the DPS

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