Международная конференция «Математические и информационные технологии, MIT-2013»
(X конференция «Вычислительные и информационные технологии в науке,
технике и образовании»)

Врнячка Баня, Сербия, 5–8 сентября 2013 г.

Будва, Черногория, 9–14 сентября 2013 г.

Kontrec N.   Milosevic H.   Djosic D.  

Analysis and implementation of tree-type storage model for aircraft inventory control

Докладчик: Kontrec N.

Aircrafts are maintained regularly in order to guarantee that their operating condition meets the performance requirements of their intended use. The maintenance activities of the aircraft are typically time-consuming and the available maintenance resources are limited. Moreover, different components of aircrafts are used and stored in different ways. Due to these reasons implementation of existing inventory management systems are often unsuccessful. The main objective of this paper is to create tree-type storage model which will support the hierarchical structure of bill of material i.e. to provide improved bill of material as a main component of material requirement planning system. The improved bill of material will result in easier monitoring, control and recording of spare part components and thereby improve the system for inventory maintenance.

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