Международная конференция «Математические и информационные технологии, MIT-2013»
(X конференция «Вычислительные и информационные технологии в науке,
технике и образовании»)

Врнячка Баня, Сербия, 5–8 сентября 2013 г.

Будва, Черногория, 9–14 сентября 2013 г.

Mijajlovic Z.   Valjarevic A.  

Multilayer digital map of Toplica region

Докладчик: Mijajlovic Z.

The aim of this paper is to present our decade long exploration of geographical, sacral and archeological sites in the Toplica region (area = 2230 km2), a southern district in Serbia. Our survey resulted in a large, digital and interactive map having 14 layers and 3D capabilities. In addition to the most important geographical entities there are depicted all known objects in this region related to the national cultural heritage. By use of GPS tracking, the geographical coordinates of these objects are collected and roads going to these sites were recorded. The geographical system on which the map is based is Universal Transverse Mercator coordinate system 34x with Hermannsogel datum as the reference point. For an illustration of the diversity and completeness of the map, let us mention that the positions of sacral objects are noted, from the Neolithic period to the modern times. On the other hand, by studying the shape of the Toplica valley, we stated the hypothesis that it was created under the action of the Coriolis effect caused by the flow of Toplica river. As a final product, the multilayer 1:100000 to 1:50000 interactive digital maps are produced, with all the layers individually recorded. The meta-data related to these sites are included and all the roads are classified into six categories, arranged by their importance and quality. The rest of the meta-data are related to the existing settlements, communication system and hydrography in this region. The large size of the map is witnessed by the lengths of depicted roads on map, totaling 6120 km. The map is designed by use of the software GeoMedia 6.1 and GlobalMapper 13.

Keywords: GPS tracking, Toplica District, Digital map, Multilayer data, Cultural heritage, Geographical data, Coriolis effect

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