Международная конференция «Математические и информационные технологии, MIT-2013»
(X конференция «Вычислительные и информационные технологии в науке,
технике и образовании»)

Врнячка Баня, Сербия, 5–8 сентября 2013 г.

Будва, Черногория, 9–14 сентября 2013 г.

Kolarevic M.   Rajovic M.   Grkovic V.   Petrovic Z.  

Selection of mathematical model of multiple regression in the ternary mixture experiments

Докладчик: Kolarevic M.

For three-component system, regression models can be generally set in the form of polynomials which are usually defined by the following canonical Scheffe forms:
• linear model
• square model
• incomplete cube model
• complete cube model
• incomplete quartic model
• complete quartic model.
From the many models that meet the adequacy requirement, it is necessary to choose a model with a rational number of variables for ease of interpretation and practical application of the model. Selection is made by Whitcomb Score factors and selects the model that has a top rating. This paper presents a method for selecting the best model.

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