Round Table

We cordially invite all symposium participants, representatives of the companies, enterprises and other profile organizations, scientific organizations to take part in the

Round Table
Major technological challenges and development trends of hydroprocesses catalysts for oil refineries.
Strategy until 2030


The main trends of the Round Table program are:

New hydrotreating catalysts with increased desulfurization and denitrogenation activity, including those based on fundamentally new components with an improved structure of active sites (various types of Co (Ni) MoS phases);
Development of new highly effective hydrocracking catalysts, zeolite components for them (hierarchical zeolites, micro-mesoporous materials, nanocrystallized zeolites, etc.) and economically feasible technologies for their production;
Increasing the efficiency of the protective layers to improve the operation of hydrotreating and hydrocracking catalysts using feedstock with constantly deteriorating quality (increase of sulfur content, high content of secondary fractions and coke-forming components, etc.);
The application of new methods of deep analysis of the structure and properties of hydroprocessing catalysts, including those applicable in industrial practice;
The application of new approaches to mathematical modeling in order to improve the accuracy of calculating the predicted parameters of hydroprocessing catalysts operation;
Possible breakthrough and " breakdown" hydroprocessing technologies.

We invite all of you to make short (5 - 10 minutes) presentations with your view on these topics. You can give a presentation about products of your company. We expect presentations and discussions on collaboration between scientific community and industry, international and interdisciplinary exchange, education and other related issues. We are also open for your proposals on other possible topics.