Information letter

On the 10-11th of October 2012


On the base of The Siberian Physical-Technical Institute of The Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences (SibFTI RAAS) will be held

the 5th International Conference “Information Technologies, Systems and Equipment in Agrobusiness Industry - AGROINFO 2012”


The main topics of the conference are the following:

- the application of information technologies in agricultural science and production (precision farming, estimation of soil and plant parameters, quality control of agricultural products, etc.),
- creation of software, computer databases, information-consulting, GIS and expert systems,
- development of information measuring systems, instruments, and equipment for research in agricultural science, agricultural monitoring and control of technological processes,
- improvement of engineering and technological support of the agrarian-industrial complex.

Round-table discussions, computer demonstrations, presentations of books, and device exhibitions are arranged. Research associates, workers of high school and education, directors and specialists of the agrarian-industrial complexes of Russia, CIS and foreign countries are invited.

Conditions. The authors are solely responsible for the accuracy of the information and formatting the text. Reports should be submitted to the conference by authors or their representatives. Failure to comply with the requirements to the abstracts, the terms and conditions of participation, the organizing committee reserves the right not to accept them for publication.

Essential Elements of the Organizing Committee.

Address:  SibFTI, post office box 468, Krasnoobsk town, Novosibirsk region, 630 501, Tel. 8 (383) 348-16-95, 348-35-24, 348-59-16. Fax: 8 (383) 348-35-52. SibFTI website - http://www.sibfti.sorashn.ru. Conference website - http://www.conf.nsc.ru/agroinfo2012 (automatic mode provides the registration of the participants, receiving applications and reports).

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