Lapina L.E.   Успенский И.М.  

Estimates greenhouse gases drain and emission from a mezo-oligotrophic peatland in middle taiga of the European north-east of Russia

Reporter: Lapina L.E.

It is studied peatland Medla-Pev-Nyur which is the typical representative of bogs of the European Northeast of Russia. Since 2012 measurements with use of the eddycovariance method are conducted. The measuring system turned on the ultrasonic anemometer (CSAT3, Campbell Scientific Inc., USA) and infrared gas analyzer of open type (Li-7500, Li-Cor Inc., USA). Measurements are taken with a frequency 10gts at height 3,93m. Microclimate parameters (soil temperature sol, PAR.   solar radiation, etc.) registirovat an automatic meteorological station by means of registrar CR3000 (Campbell Scientific Inc., USA). Measurements were taken by the scientists of Institute of biology of Komi SC UB RAS.

By data for August 2012  the assessment of a drain and emission of greenhouse gases( methane, carbon dioxide) with use of an aerodynamic method is carried out. Since measurements were taken only in one point, we assume that gradients of concentration are equal in the horizontal direction to zero. Also neutral stratification of the atmosphere at which the formula for diffusion coefficients presented in work [1] is fair is supposed. For estimates of a drain and emission of greenhouse gases the heatmass transfer equations are used.



1. Berlyand M. E. Forecast and regulation of pollution of the atmosphere. L., Gidrometeoizdat, 1985, 272s.

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