Kovyrkina O.   Ostapenko V.  

On Monotonicity of the CABARET Scheme in the Multidimensional Shock Capturing Calculations

Reporter: Kovyrkina O.

Recently, a two-time-level representation of the CABARET scheme [1] has been widely used for the numerical simulation of multidimensional gasdynamic and hydraulic flows. The monotonicity of this scheme in the one-dimensional case was examined in [2]. We analyze its monotonicity in the multidimensional case [3]. In the case of standard correction of flux variables, it is shown that this scheme does not preserve the monotonicity of one-dimensional solutions, that results in noticeable oscillations occurring in the computation of two-dimensional discontinuous solutions. We propose a modification of the two-time-level multidimensional CABARET scheme that preserves the monotonicity of one-dimensional solutions and, as a result, ensures higher smoothness in the computation of multidimensional discontinuous solutions. The results of two dimensional test computations illustrating the advantages of the modified scheme are presented.


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