Pavlova A.V.   Kapustin M.S.   Telyatnikov I.S.  

Modeling the dynamics of an elastic medium under the influence of surface and system of internal loads

Reporter: Pavlova A.V.

When evaluating the strength properties of foundations, constructions, structural elements the distribution of the pressure in contact zone plays an important role. The paper deals the problem of vibration of the stamp on the surface of elastic layer comprising a system of horizontally oriented rigid inclusions with defined on their border contact stresses as a model of system base–foundation. For axisymmetric formulation of problem the approaches [1,2] are used in the construction of the displacement of elastic foundation under the influence of internal loads located parallel to the layer surface. The problem is reduced to integral equations, solved by the method of fictive absorption.
The relations for the characteristics of the stress-strain state of the elastic layer are obtained, the stress in the area of its contact with the base of the radiating plate are calculated. This work was partially supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (13-01-00132).

1. Vibrations of an elastic half-space with a set of rigid inclusions / O.D. Pryakhina, A.V. Smirnova, A.A. Evdokimov, M.S. Kapustin // Doklady Physics. 2003. V. 48(3). Р. 142–145.
2. Model of foundation-base system under vibration load / M. Kapustin, A. Pavlova, S. Rubtsov, I. Telyatnikov // Communications in Computer and Information Science. 2014. V. 487. P. 168–173.


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