Khamidullin M.R.   Mazo A.B.   Potashev K.A.  

3D Modeling of fluid flow to multi-stage hydraulically fractured horizontal well

Reporter: Khamidullin M.R.

3D model of one phase fluid flow to multistage fractured horizontal well is proposed. Model involves fluid flow both in reservoir and in fractures.
Stationary task of fluid flow to multistage hydraulically fractured horizontal well in heterogeneous reservoir is considered. Horizontal wellbore passing through the centre of the reservoir and wellbore axis is parallel both to reservoir's top and bottom. Multistage fractures have constant permeability and are orthogonal (transverse) to wellbore axis. Distance between two adjacent fractures are equal. Pressure values on external bound and on well are given and constant.
Numeric simulation as well as analytical approximate evaluation of multistage hydraulically fractured horizontal well production is offered. Comparing the results of this work with other analytical solutions is adduced.
This work was supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research and the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan (№ 15-41-02698, № 15-41-02699) also by BP Exploration Company (063100027).

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