Iakubailik T.V.   Kompaniets L.A.  

Modelling wind-induced summer circulation and thermal structure of lake Shira

Reporter: Iakubailik T.V.

Our report focuses on 3-d numerical modeling of flow structure in Lake Shira in summer. A salt stratified Lake Shira is the subject of extensive research because of its central role in the Khakassia resort area. This lake has the north-south length of 5 km, east-west width of 9 km, and its maximum depth is 25 m now (it can varies from year to year). The flow velocity, temperature and salinity distribution and fluctuations of the thermocline (density) were measured in Shira in summers 2009-2014 using current doppler profilers and CTD probes. Stable inhomogeneity of temperature and salinity with depth determines density stratification in the lake.
Three-dimensional primitive equation numerical model GETM [1] is applied to simulate hydrophysical processes in Lake Shira. The model is hydrostatic and Boussinesq. The measured temperature and salinity distribution are the initial data for computations. An algorithm of high order approximation is opted for calculating the equations of heat and salt transfer. Different turbulence closures are used in computations.
For a given wind scenario the spatial and temporal variability of the major hydrophysical characteristics have been computed. We have analyzed 3-d phenomenon in this stratified lake taking into account native meteorological conditions.

The project has been partially supported by  RFBR grant№13-05-00853.

1. http://getm.eu/

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