Носов В.В.   Лукин В.П.   Носов Е.В.   Торгаев А.В.  

Turbulence generation over inhomogeneous heated surfaces. Numerical simulation

Reporter: Носов В.В.

Turbulence generation (air turbulent motion) inside the closed volume (without the exchange of internal and external medium through the borders) over inhomogeneous heated underlying surfaces has been studied by numerical solving of boundary value problems for hydrodynamics equations (Navier–Stokes). The solitary large vortices (coherent structures, topological solitons) whose decay generates the coherent turbulence are observed over homogeneous heated surface. Inhomogeneous heated surface leads to the appearance of Kolmogorov (incoherent) turbulence. Our numerical simulations are confirmed by experimental data obtained earlier inside the dome rooms of astronomical telescopes.
The authors are grateful to the Russian Foundation for Basic Research for financial support (grant no. 15-05-05404).

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