Kozelkov A.S.  

Challenges of scaled hydrodynamic simulations in industrial applications

Challenges of scaled hydrodynamic simulations in industrial applications

Kozelkov Andrey S.
FSUE «RFNC-VNIIEF», Sarov, Russia, 607190

Acknowledgments: The research are provided by support with Russian Foundation for Basic Research (project #13-07-12079).

Progress in computing technologies goes by the way of transition from the analysis of individual structural components to the comprehensive analysis of the behavior of technological systems as a whole. CFD accomplishments allow us to move away from calculations of isolated parts and to take into account specific features. Requirements imposed on mathematical modeling could not but influence the development of CFD methods [1]. A growing emphasis is put today on the development of efficient computational methods for arbitrary unstructured grids consisting of arbitrary-shape polyhedrons [3]. Long-term experience of CFD simulations in industrial applications has shown that the most critical factors are turbulence and simulation runtime [2,3].
The paper presents the results of investigations on the application of modern numerical methods and turbulence models for industrial simulations. Special attention is paid to the use of arbitrary unstructured grids on petascale computers.

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