Spitsina A.M.   Orlov Y.L.  

Computer analysis and processing of gene expression data

Reporter: Spitsina A.M.

In recent years, various databases has accumulated a large body of experimental data obtained by using a DNA microarray. These data are essential for medicine and statistics. These data usually have a significant amount, and require computer processing. To work with such data was developed software package in C++ language. It is designed for statistical analysis and expression data preprocessing, and has options such as the calculation and construction of tissue-specific profiles, filtering genes according to available information on the location on the chromosomes, visualization of genes communication using correlation coefficients (linear and rank). Visualization is built in the form of a gene network using a script developed in Java. Were researched correlations of gene expression as part of gene networks circadian rhythm and cholesterol regulation, and genes responsible for aggressive behavior in mice. Obtained by program the results were analyzed and compared with the available in STRING database information about gene co-expression. The reconstruction of gene networks and visualization of relationships of genes from samples were examined. We used Affymetrix microarray data and RNA-Seq data. According to the results obtained using program, was made a comparative analysis of expression data and structural features of genes with high expression were identified.

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