Tcheverda V.   Pozdnyakov V.   Reshetova G.   Merzlikina A.   Shilikov V.   Lisitsa V.  

Interaction of seismic waves with the microstructure of cavernous-fractured reservoirs

Докладчик: Tcheverda V.

The process of seismic waves’ propagation through 3D heterogeneous multiscale media is analyzed by means of finite-difference simulation using locally refined grids. In order to do reliable conclusion on the base of results of this simulation the digital geological model (3D distribution of P- and S-wave propagation velocities and density) is developed on the base of real life observations: 3D routine seismic processing, detailed well-logging analysis and laboratory study of core samples. Careful analysis of results of numerical simulation reveals intensive multiple scattering in the fluid saturated areas which are clearly observed in images of scattering energy. The same structures are presented in real field images of scattering energy and correlate with high permeability of deep wells.

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