III Международная конференция «КазГео 2015»

20 - 22 April 2015, Almaty

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III Международная конференция «КазГео 2015»

20–22 апреля 2015 года, Алматы, Казахстан.

Тема Конференции 2015 года — «От "вызовов" к новым возможностям».

Темы научных сессий:

  • Regional Tectonic Evolution and Sedimentation:
    • Sedimentary Basins.
    • Orogenic Belts.
    • Sedimentology and Sequence Stratigraphy.
  • Metallogeny and Ore Deposits:
    • Geodynamics and Metallogeny of Central Asian Orogenic Belts.
    • Interconnection of Magmatism, Metamorphism.
    • Metasomatosis and Ore Genesis.
    • Case Studies from Major Ore Districts.
    • Evaluation Criteria and Forecasting of Ore Deposits.
  • Near-surface Processes and Monitoring:
    • Hydrogeology.
    • Near-surface Geophysics.
    • Remote Sensing.
    • Ecology-Environmental Impact Associated with Oil and Mining Industries.
  • Seismology, Earthquake Forecast and Seismic Safety, Case Studies.
  • Seismic Acquisition and Processing, Case Studies:
    • Land and Marine Acquisition.
    • Velocity Modeling.
    • Seismic Imaging.
    • Processing.
    • Emerging Technologies (e.g., time lapse).
  • Geological and Geophysical Data Interpretation:
    • Case Studies.
    • Seismic Interpretation.
    • Well Logging and Advanced Formation Evaluation Technologies.
    • Core Analysis, Petrophysics and Rock Physics.
  • Carbonate Reservoirs — Depositional Concepts:
    • Characterization and Oil Recovery.
    • Seismic Imaging Challenges of Subsalt and Carbonate Formations.
    • Reservoir Characterization — Carbonate Diagenesis, Fracture Characterization, Heterogeneity and Depositional Models.
    • Oil Recovery Mechanism from Fractured Carbonate Reservoirs, Simulation Models Construction and Reservoir Performance Prediction.
    • Carbonate Reservoirs in Kazakhstan — Outcrop Analogues, Case Studies.
  • Petroleum Systems:
    • Geochemistry and Source Rock Distribution.
    • Reservoir Distribution and Basin Modeling, Case Studies.
  • Data Management and Visualizations.
  • Potential Methods:
    • Gravity and Magnetics.
    • Remote Sensing.
  • Field Exploration:
    • Risk Analysis and Economics.
    • Emerging and Extended Plays, Case Studies.
  • Field Development:
    • Field Case Studies.
    • Enhanced Oil Recovery.
    • Reservoir Modeling.
  • Training and Development of Skills for Professionals.
  • Future Development of Kazakhstan’s Mineral Resources:
    • Unconventional Resources.
    • Enhanced Oil Recovery and Rehabilitation of Mature Fields.
    • New Technologies and Future Prospects.

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