Big Data Day Baku 2016

17 May 2016, Baku

Rubrics: Technology

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The Internet Services, Web and Mobile Applications, Pervasive Communication widely available today that are meeting many of our needs have stimulated production of tremendous amounts of data (call metadata, texts, emails, social media updates, photos, videos, location, etc.). Even with the power of today’s modern computers it still big challenge for business and government organizations to manage, search, analyze, and visualize this vast amount of data as information. Over 90% of this information is unstructured, what means data does not have predefined structure and model. Generally, unstructured data is useless unless applying data mining, data extraction and advanced data analytics techniques. At the same time, just in case if you can process and understand your data, this data worth anything, otherwise it becomes useless. Big Data Day Baku 2015 is the first Data-Centric event is planned to be held in Azerbaijan. The events main goal is increase public awareness of new opportunities and challenges brought by Big Data, share experience with industry and government on the development of state-of-the-art Data Analysis technologies, attract youth to make career and do outstanding research in Data Science.

- Hot Topics of Data Science
- Big Opportunities and Challenges brought by - Big Data – Big Data Use Cases
- Big Data impact on Multi-Sectoral Industry
- Human Language Technologies – NLP and Computational Linguistics
- Open Source Platforms for Big Data
- Big Data and Analysis Life-Cycle
- (I|P|S|.)aaS Concepts and Platforms
- Who is Who in Big Data Industry
- Open Data Initiative

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