24 November 2011, Belgium, Brussels

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The unprecedented total budget sought for the next 7-year framework programme (Horizon 2020) for research and innovation is €80bn and, alongside the Innovation Union strategy, will provide many groundbreaking opportunities for European science. However, recent trends have seen some countries continuing to increase research support, whereas other public budgets are frozen or even reduced. For many, the challenge to capitalise on research seems that much greater. Is it time to increase collaboration and utilise R&D investments to greater effect? Can we avoid duplication whilst striving for the global excellence that attracts talent, investment and stimulates economic growth?

At SciTech Europe we will explore how to develop an integrated approach to research and create the right conditions for innovation, invention and industry to flourish. Delegates will gain a strong understanding of European science policy, and have the opportunity to engage with stakeholders, funding agencies and leading academics.

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Laura Lyons

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