Advanced Studies Institute (ASI) «Symmetries and Spin» SPIN-Praha-2012

1 - 8 July 2012, Czech Republic, Prague

Rubrics: Physics

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1–8 июля 2012 года, Прага, Чехия.


  • Symmetry and supersymmetry in particle and nuclear physics and astrophysics;
  • Spin physics and QCD;
  • Spin physics beyond the standard model;
  • Spin physics in weak interactions in nuclei and atoms;
  • Spin physics in hadronic and leptonic reactions;
  • Spin physics in nuclear interactions;
  • Spin physics with polarized photons;
  • Spin structure of the nucleons;
  • Symmetries in nuclear structure;
  • Polarized beams and polarimeters;
  • Polarized ion sources and targets;
  • New projects and perspectives.

Рабочий язык конференции: английский.

Ориентировочное количество участников: 50 чел.

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Miroslav Finger
Charles University
Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
V Holesovickach 2
180 00 Praha 8
Czech Republic
Phone: (+420) 221-912-559
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