Plenary and keynote lecturers

Leading scientists confirmed plenary and keynote lectures:

Plenary speakers

  • Prof. Jean-Marie Basset, KAUST Catalysis Research Center, Thuwal, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    “From surface organo-metallic chemistry to catalysis by design”
  • Prof. Valery Sokolovskii, RENNOVIA Inc., Santa Clara, USA
    V. Sokolovskii and V. Murphy
    "Heterogeneous catalysis for production of commodity chemicals from renewable feedstocks"
  • Prof. Wataru Ueda, Kanagawa University, Kanagawa, Japan
    "Selective oxidation and reaction mechanism over crystalline Mo-based oxide catalyst"
  • Prof. Malgorzata Witko, Institute of Catalysis and Surface Chemistry PAS, Krakow,Poland
    M. Witko, R. Tokarz-Sobieraj, R. Grybos, D. Rutkowska-Zbik
    “Oxygen activation on metal-oxide surfaces”.

Keynote  speakers

  • Prof., Dr. Angelika Brückner, Leibniz Institute for Catalysis, Rostock, Germany
    “What you see is (not) what you get: Why we need operando spectroscopy to unravel the state of active sites formed from precursors”
  • Prof. Fabrizio Cavani, Bologna University, Bologna, Italy
    “Catalysts for synthetic bio-butadiene: from industrial application to reaction mechanism”
  • Prof. José Carlos Conesa, Institute of Catalysis and Petroleochemistry, Madrid, Spain
    "Synchrotron, operando and DFT studies of the CuOx/CeO2 CO-PROX catalyst: surface structure effects"
  • Prof., Dr. Emiel J.M. Hensen, Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
    “Methane dehydroaromatization - new insights and opportunities”
  • Prof. Graham Hutchings, Cardiff Catalysis Institute, Cardiff University, Cardiff, UK
    «Catalysis using new nanomaterials»
  • Prof. Zinfer R. Ismagilov, Institute of Coal Chemistry and Material Science of FCCC SB RAS, Kemerovo, Russia
    "Oxidative desulfurization of diesel fractions. From mechanistic studies to prospective of industrial technology
  • Prof. Valentin N. Parmon, Boreskov Institute of Catalysis SB RAS, Novosibirsk, Russia
    “Catalysis and Energetics: Experience of the Boreskov Institute of Catalysis”
  • Dr. James Rekoske, UOP, A Honeywell Company, Des Plaines, USA
    “Recent Advances in Petrochemical Technologies for Olefins and Aromatics Production”
  • Prof. Mikhail B. Rozenkevich, D. Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Moscow, Moscow, Russia
    "Based by G. Boreskov Department at Mendeleev University since 1949 up to now"
  • Prof. Mark V. Tsodikov, Topchiev Institute of Petrochemical Synthesis RAS, Moscow, Russia
    “Perspective catalytic reactions for direct fuels and alcohols C4-C8 production based on bio oxygenates"

School-Symposium of young scientists
“In situ and operando studies of the catalytic reactions”

Keynote speakers