Scientific program

The final program of the Conference will consist of 4 plenary and 12 keynote invited lectures, 26 oral presentations (20 min),  10 oral presentations (10 min) and 100 posters. 
The oral  presentations are scheduled in the following sessions:

1. Formation of active catalyst state under reaction conditions
2. Surface oxygen species: local structure, electronic state, and reactivity
3. Structural  sensitivity, size effects, and single atom catalysis
4. Mechanism of oxidative  reactions
5. From reaction kinetics to industrial innovation processes

The Conference will be accompanied by the School-Symposium of young scientists “In situ and operando studies of the catalytic reactions
and the Roundtable discussion “Ideas of G.K. Boreskov and Today’s World” (the working language of the Roundtable discussion is Russian).

Virtual presentation of the key lecture to the Roundtable discussion “Ideas of G.K. Boreskov and Today’s World”
Gregory S. Yablonsky

Saint Louis University and Washington University in St. Louis, USA

  The general law_Yablonsky.ppt

The official language of the Conference is English.


The time of presentation (including some time for questions) is 40 min for a plenary lecture, 30 min for a keynote lecture, 20 min for an oral presentation and a short oral talk (10 min).
Multimedia LCD projectors will be available. Organizers recommend the authors to prepare computer presentations in *.ppt format (Microsoft Office PowerPoint).

Poster dimensions should correspond to a format: vertical, 100 сm x 75 сm.