All foreign participants of the Conference need an entry visa to Russia.
In order to obtain a business visa, foreign participants should have the
official "Invitation to enter the Russian Federation"
(or “Invitation letter“). Please be advised that the process of obtaining the official "Invitation to enter the Russian Federation" may requires rather long time (about 1 month).
EU citizens (except UK, Ireland, Norway, Switzerland) should obtain the official “Invitation letter“ from the Boreskov Institute of Catalysis.
Non-EU citizens should obtain the official "Invitation to enter the Russian Federation" issued by the Department of the Ministry of International Affairs in Novosibirsk.

To get "Invitation to enter the Russian Federation" (or Invitation letter), the participant  should submit to the Organizing Committee before February 1, 2017 by E-mail:
1) A high quality scanned copy of the 1st page of passport (page with photo and validity dates), named Passport.pdf.
ATTENTION: Please, check your passport. It should be valid at least half a year after the event (until October 21, 2017).

2) Filled Application form, Application form.doc can be downloading here.

(Example of Application form can be found here).

3) For your accompanying person, a separate Application form and a scanned copy of the passport (Passport.pdf) should be sent too.

4) If you are not a citizen of the country of residence, please make an electronic copy of all documents authorizing your stay
(valid visa, residence permit and so on) and send these copies to us together with files given above.

The Organizing Committee will send you the original of the «Invitation to enter the Russian Federation» (or “Invitation letter”) by your e-mail and post as soon as they are ready. With the «Invitation to enter the Russian Federation» (or  the “Invitation letter”), please contact the local Russian Consulate of your country for their requirements for obtaining the entry visa to Russia, and submit the required package of documents to the Consulate.