Entry visa to Russia

If you are not the citizen of the countries of Commonwealth of Independent States you must obtain Russian visa before arriving the country. Please, keep in mind that the process of obtaining Russian visa requires some time. Participants of the scientific conference and accompanying persons, should apply for a business visa. In order to obtain a business visa to Russia, foreign participants from European Union should have the official "Invitation to Russia" issued by the Department of the Ministry of International Affairs in Kazan or Invitation letter from Kazan National Research Technological University. The procedure of getting the Invitation usually takes 30-40 days. To complete official Invitation, we kindly ask you to fill in the form (Attachment 1). Please, also make a high quality electronic copy of the 1st and/or 2nd pages of your (and yours accompanying person(s)) passport (with the personal data) as scanned (*.jpg or *.pdf) file(s). If you apply for Russian visa in country other than your home country, please make an electronic copy of a valid visa or a residence permit and send it to Organizing Committee with all information (filled the form, electronic copies of passport of each person) by E-mail: In most cases, the original copy of such Invitation will be needed. The Organizing Committee will send you the original of the official Invitation by post on request.

ATTENTION: Please, check your passport. It should be valid at least half a year after the event (until Mart 31, 2016).

Receiving Russian visa

After receiving an Official Invitation you can apply for Russian visa. The price of Russian Visa in Consulate is about 100 USD for most of the countries in the world. The citizens of European Union pay 35 Euro. You will need the following documents: Russian visa application, your official Invitation, passport, two passport-size photos. When you have received your Russian visa, please, first of all check it for any types of errors (especially your name and passport number).

Entering Russia

On entering Russia you fill in a migration card a half of which you should keep after your passport is checked. You need to be rather careful while keeping it otherwise you’ll have problems with registration and for sure while leaving the country. Your visa should be registered within 3 days. This can be done at the hotel. If you want to see several town or city in Russian territory, every time you come to the next town and stay there for over 3 days you need to put a new stamp. The more stamps you have the safer you are. You’d better keep all the tickets as well so that you might be able to prove the date of your arrival to some diligent policeman.