It is planned that the full papers based on the School-Conference reports will be published in the journals "Kinetics and Catalysis" and "Catalysis in Industry". The deadline for manuscript submission is June 25, 2021If you do not have time to prepare the manuscript by the appointed date, please contact the editor to solve this issue on an individual terms. Russian participants can submit their articles in both Russian and English. Foreign participants submit their articles in English. The expected publication time depends on date of your manuscript submission. If you submit your manuscript by June 25, 2021, there is high probability of publication by the end of 2021. Papers submitted after June 25, 2021 will be published in 2022.

The Organizing Committee cannot guarantee publication. All papers will pass through the standard journal peer review procedure.


Kinetics and Catalysis
Editor-in-Chief: Valerii I. Bukhtiyarov
Publisher: Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.

Kinetics and Catalysis  Russian is a periodical that publishes theoretical and experimental works on homogeneous and heterogeneous kinetics and catalysis. Other topics include the mechanism and kinetics of noncatalytic processes in gaseous, liquid, and solid phases, quantum chemical calculations in kinetics and catalysis, methods of studying catalytic processes and catalysts, the chemistry of catalysts and adsorbent surfaces, the structure and physicochemical properties of catalysts, preparation and poisoning of catalysts, macrokinetics, and computer simulations in catalysis. The journal also publishes review articles on contemporary problems in kinetics and catalysis. The journal welcomes manuscripts from all countries in the English or Russian language.

Kinetika i kataliz
Leninskii pr. 47, Moscow, 119991 Russia
Phone: +7 (499) 135-5358
Fax: +7 (499) 135-5328

Guidelines for Authors

Catalysis in Industry
Editor-in-Chief: Valentin N. Parmon
Publisher: Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.

School-Conference participants also have the opportunity to publish their articles in a special issue of Catalysis in Industry Journal.

Catalysis in Industry  is a peer reviewed journal that covers the following topical areas: production and use of catalysts for various branches of industry; catalytic processes and theoretical foundations of industrial catalysis and technologies; advances in catalysis; and history of the development of industrial catalysis. The journal publishes reviews and original articles and welcomes manuscripts from all countries in English or Russian language.

Author's Instructions