Information letter

First informational letter

The Siberian boreal forest plays an important biospheric role in global climate regulation. This conference is timely and essential to address the currently insufficient knowledge about the population genetic structure of the Siberian boreal forest and how it is affected by anthropogenic effects and global climate change. The conference will also address current problems in forest conservation genetics and implementing traditional and modern methods of genetic analysis in forest tree improvement.

The major objective of the conference is to continue establishing an informal scientific community that would help to develop an efficient strategy for conservation and sustainable use of forest genetic resources in Siberia. The organizers follow one of the recommendations of the first conference held in Barnaul in 2007 written in the resolution: “Consider it expedient to organize regular meetings on the study and conservation of forest genetic resources and conduct these meetings in Krasnoyarsk, Tomsk, Vladivostok, and Yekaterinburg in the following years, respectively, taking into consideration the biospheric importance of boreal forests and the extensiveness of experimental populations and sites in Siberia” ( The organizers hope that the conference will continue the good traditions established by the first and second conferences.