Lickl E.  

Siberian Forests in the English Literature 2000 - 2010

Research on Siberia's resources, such as forests, is an important factor in science. To distribute this research is important as well, for the Siberian researcher as well as the international counterpart. Most of the international researchers do not have any knowledge of the Russian language, therefore publications in other languages are of importance.

In this poster, the distribution of research results produced in Siberia and published in English as original papers is looked at. The publication period is 10 years, from the year 2000 to the year 2010.

Searches were carried out with Google Scholar, and consequently following the links and citations provided. This was done either by subject search or by author name search. All topics of the scientific program of all three International Conferences on Conservation of Forest Genetic Resources in Siberia were covered.

Abstracts file: Lickl.doc

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