Hristovski N.D.   Blazekovic D.   Nastevska I.   Kuznezova G.V.  

Protection of Macedonian pine (Pinus peuce gris.) in Macedonia

Докладчик: Hristovski N.D.

The Macedonian (Rumelian) Pine, Pinus peuce a endemic and tertiary relict pine found in Pelister ,Macedonia in that time Turkish Rumelia of 2nd July,1839 by August Grisebach. It was widespread in Balkan Peninsula such as in Macedonia with locus classic us Pelister and later is found in mountains Jablanica, Nidze with Kajmaktshalan, Rudoka, Sar Mountain, Korab, Galicica, Bigla, Plaken’s & Snegovo Mass, Baba Mountain. Behid Macedonia is widespread in Serbia in the mountains Tchakor, Starac, Marijas, Maja, Rops, Maja Kurvala, Dzar, Mountain Lumbardia, Koprivnik, Stretch’s Mountain, Rugova, Albania, Montenegro, Zeletin, Koprivnik, Bulgaria Rila, Pirin, Slavjanka, Rodopi, Vitosha, Stara Mountain, at altitude from 1200 – 2200 m. Greece, in South expositions of Nidze and Kajmakktcthalan and Kosovo, Sar Mountain, Begova Mountain, Berim and along the River Ibar.
In modern classification of pine rumiliyskaya refers to subsection Strobi Lod. inside the section of the subgenus Strobus Strobus (Haplohylon) or white pine. Feature of this subsection is: the presence of a conductive vascular bundle inside the needles, needles are collected in bundles of five needles, the ledge on the scales of female cones are located closer to the outer edge, large seeds with the impeller. The mature female cones are easy to open, releasing the seeds. The wood can grow up to 40 m high with pyramidal habitus. There is five needles 7-10 sm long and 0,75 sm wide greygreen colour.
During expedition of A.Grisebach, 1839 it was widespread on Pelister from altitude of 731-1678 m altitude but nowadays it’s widespread in higher altitude from 700-2500m. In Pelister in recent period is widespread with biggest compact wood and the oldest examples of tree is over 150 years old. In other mountains in Macedonia and in Balkan Peninsula is widespread as a unique sapless of trees or in Kajmaktshalan in below Grotlo is widespread as a wood on limestone soil. On Pelister is on silicate soil. The oldest wood in Pelister is between village Magarevo till Swallow Rock near the hotel Molika at altitude from 800-1400m. In the same place near Swallow Rock the national Park Pleister make experimental place in sunshine meadow were they planted young examples of this pine. It is useful developed and the results will be analyzed for restoration of oldest part of the wood in future. This part of the wood is in touristic-recreative zone of the National Park Plesiter. The other zones are meliorative zone and strong protected zone which is widespread from 1350-to alpine part of the wood. There all activity by the man is strongly protected.
In Pelister there is some assotiations connected with Macedonian Pine,susch as in Pelister:Pterideo-Pinetum peucis,Vaccinio_Pinetum peucis, Digitali-viridiflorae-Pinetum peucis, Gentiano-lutae-Pinetum peucis. The vegetation on Pelister Mountain is of vital importance,and represents a natural arboretum,which should be preserved for future generations.From that reason Pelister in 1948 was establich as a first National Park in Macedonia as well as in the theritory of ex Yugoslavia.In Pelister National Perk exist 88 specimens of woody plants,which systematically belong to 25 families.This numbe represents 29% of the total Macedonian dendroflora.
Tertiary remaining of Pinus peuce, P.silvestris and Pinus nigra were found in the volcanicsediments of the mine Suvodol (Bitola) investigating the boring sediments in the period of 1977-1980. These pine species are now present on the mountain Kajmaktchalan.
In the peril it sediments over coal mine during the excavation were found leafs with five needles in Suvodol 1977.
In previously last years were a big problem with some insects which can migrate by the surrounding hills but this problem was totally eradicated. In other mountains as separated trees also are strongly protected and there is real possibility this pine to continue its excision in future.

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