YOU G.   Meng P.   Bai X.   Wang M.  

Selection of Good Clones of Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica

Докладчик: YOU G.

Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica is a geographical variety of Scots pine in the Far East, native to Daxinganling Mountain and Hulunbeier Grassland in P. R. China. This variety has been planted in northern China for decades, and a large area of its plantation has been constructed. It showed excellent advantages in drought-resistance, cold endurance, and barrenness tolerance. In order to improve its genetic quality and seed yield, and do a better job to develop this pine, our institute established a primary clonal seed orchard with 365 clones, 66.7 hm2 in area in 1970s, and constructed 5 hm2 plantations for half-sib progeny test. According to growth and fruitfulness of those clones and 17 years results of the progeny test, two best clones were selected and named with GS1 and GS2, respectively. The volume growth of these two clones was nearly twice as fast as that of the average in the orchard, and their chlorophyll contents were 1.2 times that of the average. They had thicker mesophyll, higher water content, lower transpiration rate and water loss rate, larger dry matter reserve, which showed these two clones might be more resistant to drought and diseases. Their progenies grew significantly faster than the common ones in nursery. The estimated genetic gains for tree height and DBH were 18% to 25% and 25% to 46% respectively. Their heritability at 6, 8-10 and 13-15 years old were 0.60-0.85, 0.79-0.86 and 0.88-0.95 respectively.
Key words: Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica, clone

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