Maryin D.V.  

The new collection of works by V.M. Shukshin in nine volumes

D.V. Maryin
Altai State University
The New Collection of Works by V.M. Shukshin in nine volumes
The new Collection of works by V.M. Shukshin in 9 volumes came out of print in the year of the 85th anniversary of the famous Russian writer. The purpose of publishing - as fully as possible to present to the fans of Shukshin fiction and nonfiction works of the writer (journalism, letters, autographs, documents, etc.). The publication was prepared with the financial, organizational and information support of the Administration of Altai territory.
The new Collection created on the basis of the collected works by V.M. Shukshin in 8 vol., released in 2009. The new edition, in general, preserved composition of the 8-volume collection (genre-chronological principle), the order of the material in volumes (except for volumes 8 and 9), the principle of last lifetime publication in establishing basic text of the work. While increasing the number of volumes of the edition: volume 9 appeared that includes new sections «Outline. Work in progress» and«Dubia»; increased the number of texts in the first volume, and particularly in the eighth volume. The group of editors of the Collection consists of eight people, each editor was preparing specific volume: the first volume - Associate Professor O.A. Skubach, the second - Associate Professor V.A. Chesnokova, the third - professor, PhD., O.G. Levashova, the fourth volume – PhD., Professor S.M. Kozlova, the fifth - Associate Professor A.G. Miliukova, the sixth volume – PhD., Professor A.I. Kulyapin, the seventh – PhD., Professor V.V. Desyatov. The Chief editor of the Collected works became Associate Professor of Altai State University D.V. Marin. In general, the number of new texts in the new Collection is 82 units. Of these, 24 are published for the first time. On the reader's address new Works within the traditional classification of publications should be defined as «popular science». Built on a strictly scientific basis, it is designed for a wide range of readers. However, the editorial board would like to see in the new Collection potentially pre-academic edition since it certainly contains the necessary framework, which may be required in the future (when opening the access to the manuscripts of the writer) to create an academic Collection of works by V.M. Shukshin.

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