Agzamova D.M.  

Information technologies as tool for the uniform library and information environment of the Republic of Uzbekistan

In this article the facts which really the government of RUZ pays much attention on topical issues of introduction of information technologies for improvement of service of readers in IBTs (information and library establishments) are stated. In article and also gave examples on developments of innovative activity in management of information and library activity and creations of information technologies for education, culture and service of readers.
Today everyone libraries of the world have this or that the informatsionnkh of technologies for satisfaction of reader's interests and to accelerate processes of delivery of information.
The government of RUZ pays huge attention to providing IBTs with information and communication technologies for развитю national culture, preservation of historical, spiritual and cultural heritage of the people of Uzbekistan.
And are also provided standard праровые documents on library information activities and influence examples.
The main objectives of library information activities of RUZ is, ensuring access of users to information and library resources.
In the report are carried out activity of National library of Alisher Navoi of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

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