Lyamets A.M.  

Legal deposit in the acquisition subsystem of the Middle East libraries

Lyamets A. M. Legal deposit in the acquisition subsystem of the Middle East libraries

     Legal deposit subsystem defines as the complex of connections between libraries of «maktabat watanijjat» type and external library components (authors, printing offices, publishers, etc.). Legal deposit functioning in the region is well developed, particularly, the laws set obligations of sides concerning depositing, quantify legal deposit copies. The scientific and research basis regarding legal deposit in the Middle East countries has accumulated (U. Abdu l-Maati, A. H. M. Salamat, etc.), Arabic researchers draw their attention to the foreign experience (The Library of Congress, British Library), staff of arabic national libraries are analyzing organizational technology and legal deposit delivery. Among countries of the Middle East region we specify Syria, Egypt, Algeria and Tunisia where libraries of the «maktabat watanijjat» type appeared since the end of the eighteenth – beginning of the nineteenth century (in other arabic countries after the Second World War).
     Legal deposit subsystem is being supported by responsible ministries which are regulating the determination of legal deposit copies number, bibliographical entries of documents, determining order of their receipts into national libraries, fulfilling censorial and distributing control. Ministries have an important role to play in legislative frameworks forming associated with legal deposit delivery organization.
     In Egypt, Syria, Algeria and Tunisia exist laws and decrees which are directing technologies organization of legal deposit subsystem. Namely, in Egypt is functioning the Law № 82 of 2002 «On the protection of intellectual property rights», in Algeria – Act of the Ministry of communication service and culture № 96-16 of 2 July 1996, in Tunisia – Law № 32 of 28 April 1975 «On the enactment of Press Code», in Syria – Law № 17 of 26 July 1983 «On the organization of National library» and Communique of the Council of Ministers Presidium № 7/b/480/15 of 18.01.1984.
     National libraries of the Middle East countries are depositing only documentary information sources. Namely, periodicals, research reports, official (governmental) publications, standards, commercial intellectual materials, autobiographies (memoirs), chronicles and correspondence, interview, bibliographies, book indexes, abstract scientific reviews, bibliographical information reviews, reference books, complete works, etc.
     Legal deposit subsystem of the Middle East is an important component of library and information infrastructure. Its complex legal and scientific organization maintains national book heritage preservation, promotes copyright loyalty, consolidates materials for collection development.


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