Information letter

"Science - the digital economy!" - the motto of the XVI Russian conference "Distributed Information and Computing Resources" DICR-2017, which will be held in Novosibirsk from December 4 to December 7, 2017.
The cycle of DICR conferences devoted to the problems of developing new information technologies and creating information systems based on them, providing information security, solving problems with intensive use of digital data, becomes especially relevant in the light of the tasks of building a digital economy.

The purpose of the future conference is not only to show the available achievements in science and technology in relation to the problems of the development of information technologies and build on them a new format economy, but also to study and form the trends of fundamental and applied research aimed at creating breakthrough scientific results in this direction.

Key scientific directions of the conference are related to

  • Creation and application of distributed computer systems for intensive work with data;
  • Addressing cybersecurity issues;
  • Application of information and computing technologies, as well as mathematical methods in medicine and biology, agriculture, in planning large-scale projects for the development of territories, assessing and ensuring their safety.

We invite experts to take part in the conference!